the world (revolves around a) cup

the world is a magical place. but it all takes for the world to come together is FOOTBALL. the World Cup has the power to unite all from different walks of life and delay even the most urgent deadlines/works. and who am i as a Malaysian to resist? im not 'so good' into football, but im definitely rank top as bola devotee.

we can see all the neighbourhood mamaks are installing giant screens or making more seating for us. then, when u go anywhere, even in your own house, there's the World Cup on your drink cans.

not that we need any reminders, but because when the World Cup's on, we forget everything ......... even awek! those not into football, especially the girlfriends, will have to pass through demam bola more feverish than the already present EPL.

counting days for the World Cup (about a month) i already got my jersey (ITALY)!

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