the kids, theyre not all right - the scourge of lepak is back again! but hanging out in shopping mall is oh-so-90s. urban youth have taken to a place - where they can eat some processed meat they call hot dogs/burgers, drink teh ais, smoke a ........ wait. its a burger stall. but its not just any burger stall in town kids are flocking to. Amazing Burger in Kota Damansara, with its brightly lit interesting stall, free parking area and a big red sign with a dude (superman look alike) is where its at. on any given hour or any given night, there will be car parked, people buzzing around, getting this 'Amazing' burgers. whatever u do, just fill up your tank here.

for more information about Amazing Burger, heres the link http://amazingburger.blogspot.com

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