Why at this time? all the money has been used for placebo, mono and etc. im experiencing severe financial problems now. what should i do? money from my parents? (no way!) i have to go mannn, this is an opportunity in a lifetime! no matter what happens, i will go.
*my birthday is in august, so ............. :D

a man without future.

Now i have been able to adapt to new circumstances, new/old friends, although still at the same place. however, this new situation provides me a new perspective that is very important for my future/life. it is painful to accept the reality, but all this will guarantee me a bright future. to get acquainted with new friends of different races has opened my mind, that this is not a racial barrier for us to expand our thinking and share opinions.

Everyone said that i had made a foolish decision, but i'll take it as a challenge for me.